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We focus on providing Smart Fun for all ages.
Come exercise your mind, body & imagination
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221 N. Saint Joseph St.

Suttons Bay, MI 49682 USA


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Summer Hours:     Mon-Sat 10-5:30pm,   Sunday 11-4pm

Winter Hours:        January-March: Wed-Sat 10-5:30pm, Sun 12-4pm, CLOSED Mon & Tues.


Flower Fairies & Friendly Dragons

Every May we celebrate the awe and wonder of Fairies and Dragons! Build your fairy houses and dragon lairs to take home! Enjoy fairy treats, crafts, & activites and watch out! A Fairy just might sprinkle you with her fairy dust!


For those who question whether these mythical creatures really exist or not, come see the magic and decide for yourself! This event is hosted right at our store in downtown Suttons Bay, MI.

For this year's date and time visit our facebook page.

Antlers & Elves

Our annual Antlers & Elves event will not be happening this year (2019) at Brain Storm & Enerdyne. We will still have reindeer treats available for our loyal fans, to bring home and treat Santa's trusty steads on Christmas Eve. Please, don't forget to help us fill the Toys for Tots bin and drop off letters to Santa.